180NCTJ 3-point-linkage TRACTOR Hoist (with base-frame)

180NCTJ 3-point-linkage TRACTOR Hoist (with base-frame)

Working Height: 18m
Floor Height: 16m


The biggest of our 3-point-linkage TRACTOR Hoist models 

features a main-boom with 2 telescopic extensions mounted onto a 359° rotation-tower. The machine comes with a foldable 110° pivoting jib-arm plus aluminium working-basket as standard.

Cleverly attached by a THOMAS base-frame with 2x hydraulic rear-stabilizers (foldable vertically),

this TRACTOR Hoist type is ideal for undertaking special seasonal work activities or whenever an all-terrain MEWP may be required temporarily.


working height:        18mtr

side-reach:    up to   13mtr

required tractor weight:  minimum   4.5t  


general features

  • standard aluminium basket (1,100x650x1,100)  - other dimensions /materials available on request
  • each basket easily accessible, fitted with a safety plinth
  • optional: horizontally rotating basket, with an automated system assuring for a perfectly leveled floor position at all times
  • standard 220V socket in the basket
  • optional: additional supply strands, e.g. for oil, water or air into the basket

machine characteristics

  • double-acting hydraulic cylinders with hose-rupture protection
  • paintwork finish with two-component undercoat, plus final quality finish (available in any standard RAL-colour /others on request)
  • fully CE-compliant, all machines do come with their specific Commissioning Report on delivery 
  • Quality-Steelworks made in Belgium - approved for over 50 years

* All measurements and weights, approximate
* Technical specifications may become subject to changes

Working Height: 18m

Floor Height: 16m

Lateral Range: 13m

Lifting Capacity: 250kg

Turning Circle: 359°

Weight: 2500kg

Transport Height: 3.5m

Transport Length: 7m

Transport Width: Width tractor

Width Working Position: Width tractor + 2x 80cm

Tension: 12V

Operation: Proportional 12V

Fuel: Diesel + PTO

Basket: Aluminum

Minimum Tractor Weight: 4500kg


180nctj_eng.pdf (2.1 MB)