About VTC

Actively operating across a wide range of the Arboricultural Industry,

including over 35 years of experience in professional Tree-Vegetation Management under the National Powerline-Grid, we also provide

qualified Treescape Maintenance Works to acknowledged Arboricultural Standards satisfying the needs of Private Landowners, National Community Bodies, County Councils, etc.

Covering the full spectrum of modern Tree Maintenance, e.g. Target Pruning, Tree Felling, Wood Chipping, Stump Grinding, Root Removal, etc.

and with decades of personal experience in using a wide range of mechanical equipment to minimize the risk of working aloft, thus keeping a keen eye on adequate output & efficiency along with careful resource management,

we of Vertical-Tec-Concepts are proud being able to support

any interested professionals striving to make the best choice on an investment for a new piece of Lifting Equipment,

maybe to be one of the TRACTOR mounted Hoists by THOMAS b.v.,

for many years already having been our trusted suppliers for top-quality and most robust Lifting Equipment, 

designed & manufactured in the heart of Europe.