fully-mounted TRACTOR Hoists

fully Tractor mounted Hoists (professional-XL)

Vertical-Tec-Concepts  featuring various TRACTOR Hoist models with up to 4 telescopic main-boom extensions.

Our range of fully-mounted professional TRACTOR Hoists, all rigged out with 4x individually adjustable telescopic stabilizers, allow for the entire outfit to become fully lifted off the ground.

The smart combination of tractor plus hoist is using the gross weight of both units in total to serve as one substantial counter-balance weight at the base.

As a direct result, this is permitting MEWP operators to achieve extreme sideway´s reach each way, covering a serious radius of uninterrupted working-movements

right from the one spot!

(ranging from 20-32mtrs height)

300NCTJ fully-mounted TRACTOR Hoist
300NCTJ   fully-mounted TRACTOR Hoist
Working Height: 32m
Floor Height: 30m
280NCTJ fully-mounted TRACTOR Hoist
280NCTJ   fully-mounted TRACTOR Hoist
Working Height: 28m
Floor Height: 26m
240NCTJ fully-mounted TRACTOR Hoist
240NCTJ   fully-mounted TRACTOR Hoist
Working Height: 24m
Floor Height: 22m